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Monday, March 3, 2008 12:42 a.m.

I am blogging!

In the summer of 2005, Michael Barnett went to an editor in chiefs conference in Georgia. When Barnett, the former editor of The Hatchet, came back, he wanted to create blogs for this newspaper. So add that onto the things that Atlanta produced: The Allman Brothers Band, Coca-Cola and a place for self-righteous GW students to opine and talk about life.

Over the past few years, the blogs have faltered. Editors stopped posting – we forgot about Barnett’s love child. This year, I had the genius idea to restart them. I told staffers they’d need to post and they have. But I haven’t. So tonight, at 12:28 a.m. as I sit in The Hatchet’s production room on the other side of the wall from Kyle Cannon, our production manager, I am blogging.

Tonight’s topic: the production process. Each Monday and Thursday, this paper comes out and it’s a truly remarkable procedure. It couldn’t be done without Kyle, Tim Gowa, Erica Steinberg and Alex Abnos. (you guys owe me). They are the unsung heroes who sit in front of big-screen Apple computer screens and lay out the paper that you read twice a week.

For anyone who cares, they use Adobe inDesign. All I know is that it’s expensive and has a lot of buttons that I tend to mis-press with eerie frequency.

I’d blog about the process but it’s disturbingly boring. If anyone wants to read about the process, post a comment here. I bet Kyle $10 no one cares.

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  • http://media.gwhatchet.com Sam Salkin

    Jake, for the record, there are many influential and important organizations based in Atlanta, not merely Coca Cola. Here is a list. It is by no means exhaustive:

    CNN (The Cable News Network)
    CDC (The Centers for Disease Control)
    Chic-fil-a (Closed on Sundays!)
    Delta Airlines (Not bankrupt anymore!)
    Earthlink (No one uses Earthlink anymore…)
    Home Depot (You can do it, we can help)
    Hooters (Wings, Wings, Wings!)
    SunTrust Bank (Doesn’t your dad work for them???)
    Turner Broadcasting (TBS has Seinfeld re-runs and TNT has Charles Barkley)
    UPS (Boxes, comin atcha!)
    Waffle House (ummmm)
    The Weather Channel (The play Phish sometimes when they show local weather)

    Also, the Allman Brothers are from Macon.