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Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2011 12:54 p.m.

GW ranked as top party school

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GW has always been famous for its price tag, but it looks like our school is making a name for itself as something other than a dollar amount.

The Daily Beast ranked GW eighteenth on its list of the 25 best party schools in the country this year.

The online publication gives GW a grade “A” for nightlife, citing 253 liquor law violations and 167 drug law violations in 2009.

Happy boozing, everyone.

  • Gabe Slifka

    Indiana is not on this list and we are? It’s obviously not an accurate source or even worth blogging about. Josh Pearlman, please go by Playboy U rankings, thank you.

  • mike

    gw should get some recognition for being a slumlord. Its dorms are decrepit and filthy. The school admin. should be ashamed of themselves.

  • GWalum

    GW has some of the best residence halls in the country – “mike,” you need to get out more!

  • joe

    mike u r correct

  • mike

    I have been to the residence halls, four of them over the years with my child – I know they are filthy, decrepit, mold infested, crowded, slums. What is this continuing myth about “dorms like palaces?” Tell the big lie once and keep repeating it and everybody will believe it, with apologies to Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler.

  • mike

    maybe, GWalum, you should look into where your donations go, if you make any. I’m sort of guessing they don’t go to student housing in any significant way. Maybe you should take a little trip to your alma mater – see it in person. Go and drop in on the pres. at his “F Street Club.” See if that is a filthy, mold infested, decrepit pile of sheeez. He himself told me (in a group) that Jackie Onassis Kennedy threw parties there – wow – impressive.

    Somebody there needs to look into this and maybe fire the current administration – anybody from the trustees listening? of course not.

  • anotheralum

    Mike you really do need to try visiting other universities before you continue to make an ass of yourself in this setting.

    The dorms at GWU are yards ahead of dorms at other schools, until GW starts sticking you in rooms in which the only way to even fit two beds is to have them lofted to the ceiling with desks underneath them you don’t exactly get to complain about them.

    Typical pampered GW baby, complains about quality of dorms and compares them to slums while having never seen an actual slum in his entire spoiled life.

    Go back to Jersey.

  • mike

    to antotheralum – you do not know what you are chatting about. Go and take a look at individual rooms in these so called “palaces.” There is filth exuding from the air conditioning units – leads me to believe there is also black mold. I have other children at other universities, and this one is the worst for housing. I only ask that my child have clean, healthy, safe housing. This expectation has not been met by GWU administration. I think you guys have been riding upon an undeserved reputation for too long. You sound like maybe you’re from “lang island.”