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Monday, Feb. 29, 2016 10:29 a.m.

Fashion goes global at D.C. Fashion Week

D.C. Fashion Week ended with a grand finale as 10 designers from all around the world showcased their work at the Carnegie Library on Sunday.

The library was transformed for one evening into a center for fashion, complete with a red carpet runway, three separate backdrops for photos, a screen playing videos of previous shows and, of course, the classic

Countless photographers were standing on a raised platform and poised at every corner of the rectangular red carpet, snapping shots of each model as they strutted around the room.

The global theme of D.C. Fashion Week’s International Couture Collection meant the designers were inspired by talent outside of the U.S., and created fashion according to their roots and culture.

Styles by Hakeema

Styles by Hakeema were, in one word, modest. Each flowing skirt was paired with a staid long sleeved shirt, a high neck, or a headscarf that was swirled on the model’s head.

“I wanted to do lovely work with covered designs,” Hakeema May Ade, the head designer, said.

Her Egyptian-inspired dress was complete with a gold collar, a thin, column-esque bottom and a gold round fan. A gold toga was lent a distinctly Grecian air by the flowing black accent border that fell lightly from the model’s shoulder. The Carnivale was expressed in fabric through a black mermaid that was covered from knee down in a riot of ruffles, almost like a flamenco dress gone wild.

Sera Vero Nik
Wild patterns ran helter-skelter with this fearless designer, especially on her trenches and coats.

Paisley, cubes, aztec patterns and geometric shapes in different primary colors all played for dominance on a loud orange backdrop. Just to jazz things up a little more, the coat was trimmed with brown fur on the sleeves and around the neck, in true Macklemore style.

Sera Vero Nik’s daring reached further, and her signature dresses almost seemed to meld into the skin of the models, as if the fabric was a part of them rather than an article of clothing. This effect was achieved by stitching dots onto a nude backdrop, giving off the illusion that dots had simply fallen into the shape of a dress.

When asked why she chose the colors she did, Sera Vero Nik replied that she “wanted to go with D.C. metro colors.”

Covered Bliss
Covered Bliss was similar to Styles by Hakeema in its emphasis on the modest – hence the “covered” in Covered Bliss. Unlike Styles by Hakeema, however, Covered Bliss was clearly inspired by the Middle East in her kaftans (tunics) and abaya (cloak) designs and patterns.

While half of Covered Bliss’s showcase could have been mistaken for elaborate prom dresses, complete with high waists, long, flowy skirts, and sheer fabrics, the other half of Covered Bliss’s works were focused on her tunics that harkened back to her roots.

Her signature, however, was her regal peacock gold collars. Whether the dress was Western or Middle Eastern, a majority of them bore curling, flowing golden threads from the chest to the neck.

Anca Design
One of the most modern and severe designers at the International Couture Collection, the first half of Anca Designs’ showcase was filled with brown and white, brassy gold on beige business-like or respectable outfits. Buttons, rounded collars, tweed jackets and pencil skirts dominated the start of her collection.

Then the mesh came in. Suddenly black and red clashed on evening wear and tighter ensembles to create a sensual noir look with a very modern twist.

The severity and sharp lines of Anca Design can be explained by her unusual inspiration for her collection – architecture.

“I looked hard at buildings,” she said. “Architects made castles and churches all kinds of beautiful.”

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Green GW hosted its annual Trashion Show on Monday night in the Marvin Center.

The event, which featured models wearing sustainable outfits crafted by student designers, was judged by a panel including Lauren Singer, a blogger who leads a completely zero-waste life.

The winner of this year’s Trashion Show was Tara Adam, who designed a dress made of trash bags that was modeled after Lupita Nyong’o’s Academy Awards dress.

Video by Anna Sumi.

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Thursday, Sept. 25, 2014 6:11 p.m.

D.C. Fashion Week holds kick-off fashion show

D.C. Fashion Week held it’s kick-off reception and fashion show Wednesday evening at the National Archives. The 21st biannual fashion week will end Sunday.

Video by Hatchet videographer Sara Amrozowicz.

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Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2014 5:32 p.m.

Fashion Week comes to the W

D.C. may not be known for its fashion, but the W Hotel (515 15th Street NW) is trying to cultivate a turnaround in style. The hotel is celebrating Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week by featuring 24/7 live streaming of the runways in its Living Room lobby and sponsored events that will give you the opportunity to get dolled up.

A recent fashion event at the W Hotel. Expect the Hotel's Fashion Week celebration to be even bigger. Photo courtesy of the W Hotel.

A recent fashion event at the W Hotel. Expect the Hotel’s Fashion Week celebration to be even bigger. Photo courtesy of the W Hotel.

Each event will take place from 6-8 p.m. and feature live models wearing pieces from the featured designer’s collection. The night will also include grooming stations, including an eyelash bar and beauty stations. The 21+ events will have cocktail specials.

See below for the schedule of featured designers:

  • Thursday, February 6: Diane Von Furstenberg
  • Tuesday, February 11: Tory Burch
  • Wednesday, February 12: Hugo Boss
  • Thursday, February 13: DKNY

Guests are welcome to stop in to the Living Room anytime during Fashion Week (February 6-13), but an RSVP is required for the above events. To RSVP, send an email to

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Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2013 9:41 p.m.

Profile on Style

This post was written by Hatchet staff writers Karolina Ramos and Julie Alderman.

Anjali Rajpara. Sara Wagner | Hatchet Photographer

Name: Anjali Rajpara
Year: Sophomore
Major: International affairs
Hometown: Orange County, Calif.
Outfit: Coat, pants, Express; shirt, H&M; boots, bought in Brazil; necklace, family heirloom

We found Anjali grabbing some food at J Street on this frigid day in her stylish outfit. Her edgy riding boots, maroon jeans and striped navy and white shirt give her a preppy look, while the dark hues add a winter twist to a look otherwise reserved for warmer temperatures. Anjali’s patriotic palette was fitting after a weekend of inaugural festivities, but subdued enough to not look cheesy. In taking a fashion staple – the ever in-style striped shirt – and pairing it with pants that pop even from a distance, Anjali championed and revamped an accessible look for all.


Taylor Singer. Sara Wagner | Hatchet Photographer

Name: Taylor Singer
Year: Senior
Major: Political science
Hometown: Moorpark, Calif.
Outfit: Top, pants, Urban Outfitters; cardigan, thrift store; shoes, Converse; socks, American Apparel; glasses, Ray Bans

We found Taylor in Ivory with her roommate getting some lunch in this quirky ensemble. Her studded sheer top adds nuanced femininity to the look, contrasting with bold skinny jeans and statement Converse. Treated as boyish all too often, the high-top Converse should find its way into a girl’s wardrobe – and into any daily outfit – more often. Topping her look off with a comfortable, cozy grey sweater and a pair of classic Ray Bans, Taylor brings myriad fashion staples into one cohesive outfit.


Juliana Amin. Sara Wagner | Hatchet Photographer

Name: Juliana Amin
Year: Senior
Major: Political science, minor in dance
Hometown: Cumberland, R.I.
Outfit: Dress, leggings, cardigan, Target; shoes, Doc Martin

Juliana’s outfit is truly commendable on this 19-degree day. Beaming in a vibrant orange dress and bold yellow tights, Juliana takes a summer look and converts it to a wearable winter ensemble. Donning chunky motorcycle boots, Juliana dims down the brightness of her overall look and adds edge to a playfully girly outfit. And while her grey sweater subdues her frock’s flamboyant colors, her garb is testament to the notion that dark weather doesn’t necessitate dark, heavy clothing.

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Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2013 10:12 p.m.

Profile on Style

This post was written by Hatchet reporter Kelsey Renz.

Whether you are looking to stay warm or simply searching for a finishing touch to your outfit, consider donning a vest this season. These wardrobe staples are fun and functional for both fall and spring.

Taylor Jett. Sara Wagner | Hatchet Photographer

Name: Taylor Jett
Hometown: Windsor, Conn.
Year: Freshman
Major: Undecided
Outfit: Boots, Steve Madden; sweatshirt, American Eagle; pants, H&M; vest, bag, Ralph Lauren

We caught up with Taylor while she was grabbing lunch at West Hall. Her outfit highlights popular pastel colors, previewing the nearing spring. Taylor created a cohesive look that was both fashion forward and comfortable by mixing complementary colors and finishing it off with a vest. Her pink pants stood out in a sea of blue jeans due to their pretty color and feminine style, and paired nicely with her blue sweatshirt and brown boots. Taylor’s oversized bag also looked fantastic. It was her vest, however, that tied everything together. A vest of another color might have been overwhelming in addition to the blue and pink, but a white vest was the perfect complement.

Geetha Cawthon. Sara Wagner | Hatchet Photographer

Name: Geetha Cawthon
Hometown: Arlington, Va.
Year: Freshman
Major: Biomedical engineering
Outfit: Shirt, Banana Republic; jeans, Lucky Brand; rain boots, Sperry; vest, Polo

Geetha was studying in Eckles when her royal purple vest caught our eye. Bright neon colors such as this one are popular for spring, but still have a place in D.C.’s winters. Geetha’s outfit was simple, allowing her vest and rain boots to stand out. Her charcoal grey shirt looked fantastic with the purple hue of her vest, and also tied in to the colors of her rain boots. Her boots add a preppy touch to the outfit, featuring a delightful plaid pattern of light grey and pink. It can be a challenge to build a look around patterned boots, but Geetha did a fantastic job incorporating her boots into this ensemble. While her rain boots were lovely, it was her vest that was the true statement piece. It was flattering and vibrant, pulling together a look that oozed effortlessly cool style.

Emily Xie. Sara Wagner | Hatchet Photographer

Name: Emily Xie
Hometown: Baltimore
Year: Freshman
Major: Political Communication
Outfit: boots, Nordstrom; jeans, Abercrombie; blouse, J. Crew; vest, Michael Kors

We spotted Emily leaving Post Hall, and were impressed by her use of two contrasting colors, black and pink. Her outfit is proof that just a little bit of color can go a long way when put together with the correct pieces. Emily’s pretty pink blouse was not only flattering but also on point for this spring’s trend of pastel and neon. It looked fantastic underneath her black vest, adding a playful splash of color. The vest itself was absolutely gorgeous, the perfect addition to any outfit. Emily maintained her sleek look by adding black leather boots and a handbag of the same hue. Her outfit was simple and stylish, ideal for a day in class or with friends.

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Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2012 8:36 p.m.

Profile on Style

This post was written by Hatchet reporter Kelsey Renz.

As winter approaches, GW trendsetters turn to leggings both to keep warm and complement their best shirts and dresses.

Gaukhar Uskenbayeva. Allie Schiffer | Hatchet Photographer

Name: Gaukhar Uskenbayeva
Hometown: Almaty, Kazakhstan
Year: Graduate student
Major: Accounting
Outfit: Boots, BCBG; leggings, Zara; dress, Juicy Couture; scarf, Loehmann’s; earrings, Kazakhstan; watch, Dolce & Gabbana

We spotted Gaukhar enjoying lunch with friends in J Street and were impressed by her use of the popular wardrobe staple – leggings. Both comfortable and versatile, leggings have become the fashion trend of the year. While most girls on campus have been spotted pairing their leggings with oversized tops and scarves, Gaukhar wore hers with a beautiful charcoal grey dress and black boots. Her vibrant accessories kept her outfit from looking too monochrome on a bleak, rainy day. Her leopard print scarf complemented the darker shades of the dress and leggings, and her pretty earrings added yet another splash of color and texture. Gaukhar’s outfit was simple yet stylish, perfect for a day in D.C.

Alix Bleetstein. Allie Schiffer | Hatchet Photographer

Name: Alix Bleetstein
Hometown: Red Bank, N.J.
Year: Freshman
Major: Undecided
Outfit: Leggings, sweater, Pac Sun; scarf, Urban Outfitters; rain boots, Hunter

Alix’s outfit is proof that basic pieces can easily form a standout look with the aid of a statement piece. Her funky sweater caught our eye almost immediately: Its light purple hue was a shock of color, and the print of two bunnies was simply adorable. Alix kept the combination of bold print and playful color from being overpowering by pairing the oversized sweater with dark leggings and a knit scarf.  Her Hunter rain boots were both functional and fun, tying the look together and keeping her protected from the drizzle. Alix put her own take on the leggings trend by using them to work with her fabulous sweater.

Megan Krishnamurthy. Allie Schiffer | Hatchet Photographer

Name: Megan Krishnamurthy
Hometown: Hightstown, N.J.
Year: Sophomore
Major: Business administration
Outfit: top, American Rag; boots, UrbanOG; leggings, H&M

We found Megan in G-Dub Java, and quickly noticed her stylish take on the classic color combination of white and black.  Though the colors of her shirt, leggings and boots were basic, Megan’s outfit was anything but. We loved the flattering, feminine shape of her top, as well as the tasteful mixture of lace and woven material that keep the outfit interesting. Her black leggings provided contrast but allowed her fabulous shirt to stand out. Megan’s ensemble was both comfortable and pretty, proving that it is possible to stay warm and look great as temperatures drop.

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Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2012 10:56 p.m.

Profile on Style

This post was written by Hatchet reporter Rachel Smilan-Goldstein.

These trendsetters’ ensembles popped with bold, eye-catching patterns.

Karishma Mehta. Allie Schiffer | Hatchet Photographer

Name: Karishma Mehta
Year: Senior
Major: Psychology
Outfit: Jacket, Free People; scarf, Nordstrom; pants, Urban Outfitters; boots, Steve Madden

Karishma caught our eyes in Academic Center, where she stood out for her ensemble’s creative mix of patterns. By combining the subtle textures of her lace jacket and printed scarf, she added interest and depth to a customary college outfit. Karishma’s style takes inspiration from the seasons and the varying colors they bring. She highlights the mustard, light brown, cream and pale teal tones of autumn. Her use of layering is ideal for the mercurial weather of fall in the District, allowing her to stay comfortable through whatever the day might bring. By combining prints and layering her outfit, while keeping a fall color-palate in mind, Karishma looks exceptionally stylish on campus.

Abby Lieberman. Allie Schiffer | Hatchet Photographer

Name: Abby Lieberman
Year: Freshman
Major: Psychology and Biology
Outfit: Dress, bag, Faces Boutique; socks, CVS; boots, thrift store in Georgia; earrings, made by her sister; ring, Forever 21

On F Street, we found another excellent use of prints in Abby’s retro-inspired outfit. In response to the day’s warm weather, Abby opted for a sleeveless, owl-printed frock. Keeping her look appropriate for fall, she layered knee-high men’s socks under vintage boots that have held up remarkably well since she got them in sixth grade. Pairing tall socks with boots is a hallmark of her everyday style. Though her outfit comprised primarily neutral hues, Abby brought in hints of color with her eye-catching turquoise ring and bold blue earrings. Attracted to older fashions, she describes her style as retro and aims to look glamorous.

Cristina Gonzalez. Allie Schiffer | Hatchet Photographer

Name: Cristina Gonzalez
Year: Sophomore
Major: Business
Outfit: Sweater, Anthropologie; pants, Urban Outfitters; shoes, Zara; bag, Longchamp

We took notice of Cristina’s smart style on G Street. She expertly paired her boldly printed, colorful pants with basics. Her simple navy blue sweater, red bag and tan, studded loafers drew from colors in the print, but never overshadow the vibrant bottoms. In addition to dressing for the weather, Cristina aims to make occasional bold statements in her outfits while keeping the rest of her look simple. By planning her outfit around the focal point pant print, she created an eye-popping ensemble that wasn’t too busy for daytime. Like many GW students, Cristina tries to refrain from wearing sweatpants, instead finding the ideal balance between comfort and looking put together.

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Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2012 10:02 p.m.

Profile on Style

Profile on Style is a weekly post that explores the motivations behind GW’s fashion trends. We’ll show you the most interesting aspects of GW style, and then try to make some sense of it all. Keep your eyes open for a reporter and photographer walking around, because you might become the latest trendsetter.

This post was written by Hatchet reporter Audrey Sze.


Nour AlRashed. Alexa Jaenicke | Hatchet Photographer

Name: Nour AlRashed
Year: 2013
Major: International business
Hometown: Kuwait
Outfit: Top, Forever 21; vest, JouJou; shades, Ray-Ban; leggings, American Apparel; flats, Urban Outfitters; bangles, Kate Spade

When we spotted Nour’s ensemble outside Starbucks, it was love at first sight. Dressed in all black save for a pop of blue, she exudes understated cool while softening her look with a swath of color. Apart from her play on tones, this fashionista is a master at mixing textures and fabrics, as her nylon leggings and leather vest combo proves. The pairing  adds a hot and edgy aura to the effortless on-the-go look. Finishing her outfit with a classic Michael Kors watch, some girly Kate Spade bangles, and a pair of versatile Ray-Ban sunglasses, Nour crafts the perfect girly-rocker ensemble.


Lauren Kohn. Alexa Jaenicke | Hatchet Photographer

Name: Lauren Kohn
Year: 2015
Major: English
Hometown: Los Angeles
Outfit: Shoes, Converse; shorts, belt, Urban Outfitters; bangles, Israel street vendors; top, Forever 21

Just because fall has arrived doesn’t mean the weather is always in accordance. We know that you’re eager to dive into your cozy knit sweaters, but it’s nice to show off some legs while the weather is still surprisingly sunny and warm. Channeling a laid-back vintage vibe, this California-native was turning heads in Kogan, where we found her soaking in some sun on this particularly summery fall afternoon. This fashion-foward sophomore perfectly accessorizes her tie-dye denim cut-offs with a skinny cheetah-print, balancing two busy prints with a basic black top. She also rocks her “favorite dirty converse high-tops” with a pair of fun striped socks, and finishes her look with a mob of bangles, reinforcing Coco Chanel’s mantra that “the more accessories you have, the better you look.”


Mandy Leiter. Alexa Jaenicke | Hatchet Photographer

Name: Mandy Leiter
Year: 2015
Major: Undecided
Hometown: Los Angeles
Outfit: Shirt, shoes, Gap; pants, Caitlin Boutique; watch, Tissot

We spotted Mandy as she made her way to class, effortlessly styling some of fall’s biggest trends. We couldn’t help but drool over her floral-print jeans, in a fall-appropriate grey tone, which she perfectly pairs off with neutral brown flats and a basic red top to balance the statement-piece bottoms. Mandy smartly tops off her look with an over-sized menswear watch, adding a touch of femininity with a few bangles and bracelets. Finally, this Los Angeles native solidifies her ensemble with a studded necklace.  The daring print and the bold accessories gives a girly twist to this fall must-have look.

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Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2012 7:38 p.m.

Profile on Style

Profile on Style is a weekly post that explores the motivations behind GW’s fashion trends. We’ll show you the most interesting aspects of GW style, and then try to make some sense of it all. Keep your eyes open for a reporter and photographer walking around, because you might become the latest trendsetter.

This post was written by Hatchet reporter Rachel Smilan-Goldstein.


Shelby Siegel. Carly Lisnow | Hatchet Photographer

Name: Shelby Siegel
Hometown: New Orleans
Year: Second-year graduate student
Major: School counseling
Outfit: Jacket, Banana Republic; top, Zara; pants, Lucky; shoes, Cole Haan; bag, Dooney & Bourke

We found Shelby in the entrance of Gelman Library. Relishing in the new season, she captures the rich shades of autumn with her stylish looks. She brightens the neutral tones of her jacket, bag and shoes with her mustard-yellow pants and striped top, creating an enlivening color contrast. Splashes of gold on her bag’s hardware and the buttons of her jacket tie together the colorful pants and the rest of the outfit. Anticipating a class presentation later in the day, the fashionable grad student aimed to look cute and comfortable. This outfit accomplishes that and more, making her appear polished and confident.


Madeline Clements. Carly Lisnow | Hatchet Photographer

Name: Madeline Clements
Hometown: Paris
Year: 2015
Major: Undecided
Outfit: Sweater, Ella Moss; pants, Rag & Bone; boots, Prada

We spotted Madeline’s clean, monochromatic outfit as she crossed 23rd Street. The shades of gray that comprise her look become progressively darker from her shoulders to her boots, drawing attention up to her face. Her color-blocked top features an engagement geometric pattern and her shiny boots are a sophisticated take on the ubiquitous lace-up boot trend. On a day when many students donned neutral shades befitting the weather, Madeline stood out in the crowd. Her style brings Paris to Washington, translating to a comfortable, chic outfit for a gray day.

Summer Guo. Carly Lisnow | Hatchet Photographer

Name: Summer Guo
First-year graduate student
Hospitality management
Jacket, Forever 21; jeans, Levi’s; shoes, Aldo; bag, Nordstrom

Summer’s cheerful look lightened up a gloomy day on H Street outside Gelman Library. Her personal style tends to favor mood-enhancing bright colors, exemplified by her yellow double-breasted jacket. Summer revives the trend of rolled-up, casual jeans, which reveal adorable bow-trimmed flats. The two colors of the flats correspond to those of the bag, lending cohesion to the outfit. No matter what the weather brings, Summer will be spreading sunshine all over campus with her simple yet jaunty ensemble.

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