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Monday, April 25, 2011 4:03 p.m.

Hobbs out as men’s basketball coach

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Updated: 8:23 p.m.

After a decade in the position, head coach Karl Hobbs will not be returning to the sidelines of GW next season.

The University released the 10-season coach from his contract, a senior administrator said, adding that GW will begin an immediate search for Hobbs’ replacement. The head coach’s contract was set to expire in 2012 and his release is “effective immediately,” a statement from GW reads.

Senior Vice Provost Robert Chernak explained further, saying incoming athletics director Patrick Nero “communicated” with Hobbs the terms of the coach’s departure Monday. Chernak added that GW will “honor” Hobbs’ contract through its completion  – a sign that GW will continue to pay Hobbs his about $500,000 a year salary until 2012.

“The university determined that now is the time for new leadership of GW’s men’s basketball team,” Chernak said.

Nero said he will spend the next few days reaching to “his list” to search for coach.

“We want to do it fast but with a thorough search,” Nero said, adding that he has been “around college basketball for awhile,” and he has “watched and observed many people.”

The incoming athletic director declined to say if he was looking internally for Hobbs’ replacement, but said the decision about whether to keep the team’s assistant coaches would ultimately fall on new head coach.

“The incoming head coach will determine his staff,” Nero said. Nero also declined to explain the circumstances behind Hobbs’ sudden departure.

When asked about incoming recruit Erik Copes, rated by ESPNU as the sixth-best high school center in the country, Nero said GW will reach out to all three recruits who have already signed national letters of intent to come to GW to discuss their potential futures as Colonials.

“I don’t think these decisions are based upon particular recruiting decisions,” Chernak said, of the search for a new head coach. “To focus on recruiting, is just too short of an outlook for a decision like this.”

“I am proud of what we achieved here and am grateful to have had the chance to work with and guide the development and accomplishments of so many outstanding student-athletes.  I thank the university, particularly President Trachtenberg and President Knapp, for its support and wish the Colonials great success in the future,” Hobbs said. Hobbs declined to comment beyond the statement.

Hobbs called an emergency team meeting Monday afternoon and told the players he is resigning, according to both individuals, who did not wish to be identified because of the sensitive nature of the situation, The Washington Post reported.

A member of the men’s basketball team said the team was meeting again Monday night but the gathering wasn’t connected with the departing head coach.

A source from inside the University said Monday at around 4 p.m., that Hobbs was fired but revised his statement 30 minutes later to say the head coach resigned.

Assistant coach Donyell Marshall said he had no comment, when leaving the men’s basketball townhouse Monday night.

“I’m not the head coach. No comment,” Marshall said.

Numerous players declined to comment about Hobbs.

Nero said the fate of women’s basketball coach Mike Bozeman has not been decided but every program will face a review. Like Hobbs, Bozeman’s contract expires next year.

The Colonials are coming off of their best season in the past four years after Hobbs led his team to a 17-14 overall record and a 10-6 mark in Atlantic 10 play, good enough for a tie for fourth place in the final conference standings. GW closed the season on a down note though, losing in the first round of the conference tournament to 12th seeded Saint Joseph’s.

Hobbs’ decade-long tenure at GW has been marked by a series of highs and lows for the men’s basketball team. The Colonials finished with losing records in both of Hobbs’ first two seasons, but the program began its surge to the top of the conference in his third season with a trip to the NIT in 2004.

The next season, Hobbs led the Colonials to the first of three consecutive trips to the NCAA Tournament. The team reached its high-water mark during the 2005-2006 season, when the team went 16-0 in the A-10 regular season.

– Lauren French and Louis Nelson contributed to this report

  • Andrew

    Looks like you guys got scooped by FoBoBlo:

  • Desperate Fan

    About F@#$ing time

  • Colonial Fan

    Is there any word on whether the new AD played a role in pushing Hobbs out? Hobbs’ twitter indicates that this came out of nowhere

  • Random Editor

    “Bulking” or maybe “debunking”?

  • Fed Up Colonial

    Good riddance! Maybe we can get someone who can not make the team the laughing stock of the A10

  • K

    Blog tip: Strike-through is normally used to edit blog posts, to preserve the earlier versions and let readers know what was changed (like using a tweet from a dude at as a source for him being ‘let go’ being changed to ‘various news outlets’).


    Does this mean we don’t have to pay his $1 million buyout since he resigned on his own and wasn’t fired?

    New candidates? Roland Houston’s gotta get a look

  • Andrew

    What’s in the John Quincy Adams House? Isn’t that facilities or something?

  • Lauren French

    Housing, SJS, conference rooms are all housed in the John Quincy Adams House.

  • Alumbum

    Yeah, good riddance. Good move for GW bball. Hobbs has a horrible record of recruiting troubled kids who other programs passed over because of their liabilities. I’m not saying all these kids are bad news, and there are kids who are looked over by bigger programs with great potential, but it is NOT a strategy to build a program around. Sadly, it was the only strategy Hobbs had.

  • GWalum

    John Quincy Adams House is the townhouse on the west side of Rice Hall on I Street, across from Rome Hall of the Academic Center. It is actually two rowhouses joined.

  • Common Sense

    The laughingstock of the A-10? We aren’t Fordham. Just ask any educated fan of A-10 basketball and GW was poised for a top 4 finish and possibly competing with X and Temple for the title. But be that ignorant GW fan who probably doesn’t go to the games.

    And we are GW. You aren’t going to get top notch recruits who are model citizens. Heck, major programs have a hard enough time to get their kids to behave so all of a sudden we want the best players with good character? Can’t have it both ways.

  • GW’92

    Not sure how GW is the laughingstock of the A10. 1-27 in 1989, that’s a laughingstock. I hate ignorant fans. Run along, Junior.

  • TA

    1989 are you kidding me? First of all Hobbs wasn’t coaching back then. Secondly, that was 21 years ago. Are you braindead?

  • DR

    TA, thanks for exposing your ignorance. He was saying GW was a laughingstock in 1989, and that people saying GW has been the laughingstock of the A10 under Hobbs don’t know what they’re talking about. This team under Hobbs was poised to make some noise in the A10 and make a serious run at the NCAA tournament next season. Now, we’ll see. This could backfire in a big way.

  • half a million??

    wait, so we’ll be paying half a million to Hobbs and probably a comperable salary to the new coach?? why not just wait one more year and put that money towards something important, like renovating Gelman? I support GW basketball, but this is ridiculous. Also, they did much better this year than in the past few years so this seems like a waste of half a million dollars to me.