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Thursday, June 6, 2013 12:58 a.m.

Men’s basketball assistant coach leaves for Georgetown

Kevin Sutton, right, will leave head coach Mike Lonergan's coaching staff to head to Georgetown. Hatchet File Photo

Kevin Sutton, right, will leave head coach Mike Lonergan’s coaching staff to head to Georgetown. Hatchet File Photo

Assistant men’s basketball coach Kevin Sutton will leave the program to take a position at Georgetown – more bad news as the Colonials endure a rough offseason full of departures.

Sutton leaves GW after just two seasons under head coach Mike Lonergan, upgrading to the perennially top 25 Hoya squad led by head coach John Thompson III. Sutton brings with him his 27 years of coaching experience and reputation as a very strong recruiter.

It is unknown at this time what role Sutton will have on Georgetown’s coaching staff, and who will replace him on GW’s bench.

The news was tweeted by former Colonials star Aaron Ware and reported by several Georgetown fan sites. The athletics department did not immediately return a request for comment.

Talk of Sutton leaving the Colonials emerged earlier this year, when he personally submitted his name for the open head coaching position at Florida Gulf Coast University.

His departure leaves Lonergan and his coaching staff in continued recruiting disarray as it has watched three players – David Pellom, Lasan Kromah and Jonathan Davis – transfer from the program, as well as Nigel Johnson decommit from GW in favor of Kansas State.

In his two seasons with coach Lonergan, the Colonials amassed a 23-38 record and ended both seasons with first round losses in the Atlantic 10 tournament. Comparatively, Thompson and the Hoyas finished last season with a 25-7 record and earned a No.2 seed for the NCAA Tournament before being upset in the first round by Florida Gulf Coast.

Previously, Sutton served as an assistant coach at James Madison University and Old Dominion University. Notably at GW, Sutton helped recruit two of the team’s current starters – forwards Patricio Garino and Kevin Larsen – both of whom played at two of Sutton’s former schools, Montrose Christian (1999) and Montverde Academy (2004-11).

Immediately prior to coaching at GW, Sutton served as the athletic director and head coach of the boys’ basketball team at Montverde Academy for eight years. He helped lead the Eagles to a 2007 National Title and a 2010 National High School Invitational Runners-Up nod.

  • Class of 2012

    So many inaccuracies in this article. Aaron Ware, a star?! Recruiting disarray? Losing Pellom IS good for the team, Lasan became a bench player (and will remain one at UConn), and Davis was a Hobbs hold over that clearly wasn’t any good, as he never saw the court. Good for this guy for getting out of the blackhole of DC basketball. I feel bad for the sucker who will replace him….

  • GWalum

    GW was lucky to have Coach Sutton for 2 years. He did a great job. It was a tough decision for him but most people will leave if they double your financial package. His daughter will remain at GW where she is entering her sophomore year. He loves GW, the players and coaches but this was a financial decision. It is a good career move! Stop trying to spin this as a negative. Not one player Coach Lonergan and his staff have recruited has left GW. Every player they inherited has graduated. This is the first assistant to move on. Expect another assistant to leave next spring for a high paying assistant job or a head job. I am sure you will do a “Hatchet” job on that career advancement decision too Nick. Go Colonials!

  • Anthony

    @class if 2012. Did I miss something? Did georgetown suddenly stop being in northwest DC? If it is still there, then what are talking about the escaping the black hole of DC basketball. Also you need to check your info DC produce some of the finest players in the country. Here’s 100 of them I love teaching the simple.

  • Colonial


    I’m not entirely convinced you read the article. The only thing negative about this article is the fact that we’re losing a talented coach, it said nothing negative for the coach. It clearly is going to be a negative for the team to lose a coach and all the article is showing is how bad our off-season has been. It is an upgrade for Coach Sutton which is what the article said.

  • GWalum

    The women’s program has lost an assistant coach and at least 2 players yet Nick won’t make it look like their program is falling apart . Hilarious! Stop trying to be Pete Thamel and just write the facts. Transfers happen all the time. Coach Tsip didn’t recruit this young lady . Maybe Karl Hobbs was tampering with her also and she ends up at UCONN. Lol! I don’t think the women are crying over this loss.

  • John

    GWalum nobody cares what you think,

  • Metro Man

    @class of 2012: the only inaccuracy is the but about Ware first reporting the news of Sutton leaving. Everything else is spot on. As for your assessment of the three transferring players, we all have opinions so thanks for sharing yours, albeit somewhat misinformed. And yes, Georgetown is in DC so I have no idea what you are talking about there. Perhaps you should have given this more thought before you posted.