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Friday, June 14, 2013 10:00 a.m.

Jonathan Davis transfers to American

Jonathan Davis takes the Metro to the Verizon Center’s BB&T Classic when he was a freshmen. Davis will stay in D.C. after transferring to American. Hatchet File Photo

Former men’s basketball forward Jonathan Davis chose to stay in D.C. – transferring to American, according to his Twitter.

Davis will join an Eagles’ squad that went 10-20 last season in the Patriot League, and will be led by first-year head coach Mike Brennan, a former Georgetown assistant.

Davis was granted his transfer from the GW program earlier this March, though some speculated that he may return to the Colonials after not landing anywhere immediately.

Head coach Mike Lonergan said the decision came mostly out of Davis’ desire to have a bigger role in a program.

“With Jonathan, going into your third year, if you were ever going to go somewhere and play for them, you really had to make that move,” Lonergan said in March. “We’re going to be sad to lose him as a friend and a teammate for our players.”

Over his two years as a Colonial, Davis struggled to find his way into the rotation, grabbing minutes in just 23 games, while starting none. He leaves GW averaging o.4 points a game on 44.4 percent shooting and 0.3 rebounds per game.

  • Class of 2012

    The last of the Hobbs holdovers. I wonder why he didn’t get a call from UCONN? Karl was a big fan of him 3 years ago… #wontbemissed

  • Metro Man

    Actually Mikic is the last Hobbs’ recruit, Davis came to GW two years ago not three, and Hobbs did indeed contact him when he decided to leave. So it seems your don’t have your facts straight. You may not miss the young man but his teammates and coaches do.

  • Class of 2012

    You’re right. I thought Mikic had graduated, which is my mistake. However, my 3 years ago comment stems to his Senior year of HS when he was recruited by Hobbs. I wish him luck, but I’d rather see the Colonials bring in someone who actually buys into Lonergan’s system and is willing to be more than just a practice body…