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Senior Nicole Lacey dodges a Richmond defender during Friday afternoon’s game on the Mount Vernon Campus. Jordan Leon | Hatchet Photographer

This post was written by Hatchet staff writer Sophia Omuemu.

With five minutes left in play, the Colonials were tied at 10 against the Richmond Spiders. Then, sophomore Jenn Seitz was able to win one of the most important draw controls of the game, directly leading to the Colonials’ one point victory, 11-10.

“We told them that this is our time and to relax. We scored and then we came up with a huge draw at the end,” head coach Tara Hannford said.

The Colonials burst into the first half of play by showing off their patient yet quick passing. After sending a series of cutters through the middle of the box, freshman Olivia Boudreau was able to maneuver her way towards the goal, with an assist from sophomore Jamie Bumgardner.

Bumgardner followed after with a straight shot to the goal increasing GW’s lead to 2-0. But despite not having a single point on the board, the Spiders continued to keep calm, which led to their first goal off of a free position shot.

Still, Hannaford said, the Colonials weren’t discouraged. Their recent performances, the head coach said, help the team stay positive throughout play.

“I think our team is on a upswing right now. We’re getting better every game, so I think it’s a tribute to how hard our team works,” Hannaford said.

The next 10 minutes of play consisted of two goals from each team. Senior attack Nicole Lacey netted her 23rd goal of the season of off a free position shot. Five minutes later, the Spiders replied, but GW was able to keep its one-point lead with a goal from sophomore Rachel Mia.

Prior the end of the first half, Lacey tallied another goal with 1.4 seconds left. Both teams had attempted seven shots and obtained three draw controls, previewing the close second half that was to come.

“This was a huge turning point game because it was our first A-10 game. It sets the tone,” said Lacey. “Richmond is usually at the top of all of the teams so this was a huge win for us.”

The importance of draw controls was apparent within the first 30 seconds of the second half. Richmond was able to score two goals within the first two minutes due to both of its draw wins.

The score was tied at six when Lacey was able to net her third goal of the game to give the Colonials another one-point lead. But in order to keep this lead, it was apparent that the team’s defense was going to have to stay alert and strong.

“I think we had a lot of different people scoring, so they couldn’t mark one person and stop us so the fact that everyone contributed was good,” Lacey said.

Senior goalkeeper Jess Hicks continued to make huge saves, while both teams traded goals. Hicks ended the game with seven saves, four of which were in the second half.

“Defensively, we were really prepared for our goal line extended shot and I think they only had one successful shot. We did a really good job denying that shot,” Lacey said.

After eight minutes of several turnovers and fouls, Mia was able to bounce the ball into the left side of the goal. Then, the Spiders replied with two strong goals, which led to the third tie of the game.

The Colonials took a timeout to regroup and think of a final game plan. Both coaches knew that the winner of the next draw control could ultimately decide the final score.

“[Hannaford] told us that we just really had to stay composed and the draw was really important. It would give us moment,” Boudreau said.

There was a sense of urgency in the air that led to some sloppy play- but Boudreau ultimately was able to net the game-winning goal through the Richmond goalkeeper’s legs with just two minutes left in play.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013 9:37 a.m.

Women’s lacrosse team falls to Navy

Freshman Olivia Boudreau attempts to run past a Bucknell player. Hatchet File Photo

This post was written by Hatchet reporter Joshua Solomon.

In its final game before A-10 play, GW (5-4) hosted No. 18 ranked Navy, but both teams took the field thinking about Seton Hill.

A bus carrying the women’s lacrosse team from Seton Hill crashed Saturday, killing its head coach Kristina Quigley. All players sported crimson and gold ribbons on their shoes as a tribute to the Seton Hill team, and some Navy players also painted their faces in the crimson and gold Seton Hill colors.

“We found out Saturday when we got on the bus after Hopkins,” head coach Tara Hannaford said. “We all couldn’t imagine anything like that happening so we really just wanted to pay our tributes to them. Lacrosse is a small family and we all care a lot about each other so we just wanted to make sure we are paying our respects to them and their families and all they’re going through right now.”

The two teams paid their tribute in a game that was the first time GW faced the Naval Academy. The 60 minutes of action was packed with physical play and swings of momentum that tilted in Navy’s way in the second half, when the Colonials fell 9-6.

The Colonials went down 5-2 with under 13 minutes left to play in the first half. The Midshipwomen seemed to have gained control of the game, until a 2-0 run over the next two minutes put the Colonials back into play.

Navy then went up 7-4 as the clock wound down in the first half. With less than a minute to play, the Colonials stayed patient with possession, ultimately leading to a Midshipmen yellow card. Following a miss off of the free position with 15.8 seconds to play, junior Terasa Vassallo, making her first home start of the season, scored off of a sophomore Jamie Bumgardner assist with 8.5 seconds to play, sending the GW bench into a roar.

“As a team, especially, we’re very proud of the way we worked for 60 minutes and can’t wait to go forth from here,” senior goalie, co-captain Jess Hicks, who recorded six saves said.

Ultimately, Vassallo matched her career high, netting three goals on the day. Bumgardner was also a strong performer for the Colonials with four points off of one goal and three assists.

GW scored the first goal of the second half after a small drought over its opening minutes. But the game would remain tight and physical. There were a total of 36 fouls by Navy and 27 by the Colonials. Furthermore, seven yellow cards were handed out, four to GW and three to the Midshipmen. As the frustrating play mounted, so, too did ball control problems- both teams finished the game with 17 turnovers.

“You got to take what you’re given and you to got to play with how it’s being called. I think it was pretty physical on both sides and it is what is is,” Hannaford said, discussing the refereeing.

The second leading scorer in the nation, Navy senior Jasmine DePompeo, was too much for the Colonials. She contributed to the first eight points the Midshipmen scored, recording four goal and four assists.

“We knew that as a team they like to work the crease,”  Hicks said. “Unfortunately I couldn’t get to some of the shots. [DePompeo is] a really great shooter. But we definitely knew what she was going to come out and so we put a lot of time preparing for that.”

Despite the loss, Hannaford said the Colonials show promise heading into conference action. The team is showing better execution on both sides of the ball, she said, and have established solid building blocks for performance as it goes into A-10 play.

Both captains, Hicks and fellow senior Nicole Lacey, who scored two goals, are looking forward to A-10 competition, which begins on Friday at home against Richmond.

“We really wanted to use this game as a building block for A-10 [games] because this is our last regular season game so we went out with as much intensity as possible,” Lacey said.

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Freshman Olivia Boudreau attempts to run past a Bucknell player. Hatchet File Photo

This post was written by Hatchet staff writer Sophia Omuemu.

With eight minutes left in the first half, the Colonials were struggling to net their first goal of the game.

After a series of quick passes, junior Terasa Vassallo was able to score GW’s first goal of the half due to an assist from junior Jordy Bathras. Despite the renewed momentum, the Colonials were not able to come back from a seven point deficit and ultimately fell to No. 12 John Hopkins 16-6.

“I think we came out slow in the first half. We were playing great helping defense but were too slow on cutters,” head coach Tara Hannaford said.

The John Hopkins Blue Jays entered the game with an aggressive offense ready to attack. After netting their first goal off of a free position shot, the Blue Jays proceeded to go on a 7-0 run. At the end of the first half, they had made nine of their 24 shot attempts.

In hopes of entering the half on a positive note, Bathras was able to successfully score another goal with two minutes left. But John Hopkins replied quickly with a goal of its own, which made the score 9-2 at the end of the first.

“Offensively, we didn’t move as much as needed and we had a few too many turnovers,” Hannaford said. “The team rebounded after the first 10 minutes and in the second half.”

At the half, Hannaford reinforced the need for her team to stick to their basic principles and made minor adjustments.

The Colonials were able to enter the second half strong with a goal from junior Lindsey DiAntonio. But the Blue Jays quickly replied with two goals of their own.

“Our defensive transition continued to cause turnovers,” Hannaford said.

During the last 25 minutes of play, GW was only able to net three goals compared to the Blue Jays’ six.

“Our defense stepped up a little more and our offense created more opportunities,” Hannaford said. “Unfortunately, we didn’t finish our shots. Our slow start really hurt us.”

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Rookie of the Week winner Olivia Boudreau attempts to run past a Bucknell player at a game last week. Hatchet File Photo

This post was written by Hatchet staff writer Sophia Omuemu.

Within the first two minutes of play, the Colonials showcased an aggressive offense with two back-to-back goals.

Junior midfielder Jordy Bathras put the first goal on the board with 28 minutes left in the first half. Thirty-five seconds later, sophomore Jamie Bumgardner followed with a goal of her own.

GW was able to demonstrate its speed on offense, which ultimately led to a commanding 16-7 win over the Mount St. Mary Mountaineers.

“We still were focusing on the same things [like] playing 60 minutes of lacrosse, focusing on our team defense and footwork, and movement on attack,” head coach Tara Hannaford said.

The Colonials’ focus on playing a full 60-minute game was seen when they proceeded to go on a 6-0 run during the first 11 minutes of the half. The run included two goals each from Bathras and junior Terasa Vassallo. Senior Nicole Lacey and freshman Olivia Boudreau added to this run with a goal of their own.

Boudreau was named the A-10 Rookie of the Week last week for her four goals against George Mason.

“The attack was definitely in the attacking mindset,” Hannaford said. “We were going hard to the goal and we were getting opportunities.”

The Mountaineers attempted to close the gap with two back-to-back goals as the first half came to a close. Despite Mount St. Mary’s revitalized energy, Bumgardner was able to keep the Colonials’ momentum high by scoring the final goal of the half with 10 seconds left, increasing the lead to 9-4. Bumgardner ended the game with four goals.

Mount St. Mary entered the second half with two goals but was not able to keep its run alive due to GW’s aggressive defense. Senior goalkeeper and co-captain Jess Hicks led the defense with a total of seven saves.

“We started a off a little slow on defense but as we picked up, communication was key,” Hannaford said.

Similar to the first half, GW went on another 6-0 run that included goals from Lacey, Bumgardner, and Bathras. Lacey tallied a team-high five goals, while Bathras chipped in four.  Despite the Mountaineers’ effort to mount a comeback last minute, the Colonials were able to hold them off with one final goal by Lacey at the 58th minute.

“I think the team played great. The first half was great with how much we were attacking,” Hannaford said.

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Rookie of the Week winner Olivia Boudreau attempts to run past a Bucknell player at a game last week. Hatchet File Photo

This post was written by Hatchet staff writer Mary Ellen McIntire.

When Holy Cross scored its first goal in the final minute of the first half, it was a signal to the Colonials that the team was not going down without a fight.

But GW never faltered, and despite the Crusaders’ attempts at a comeback in the second half, it kept a steady lead throughout the game, ultimately beating the Crusaders 11-9.

The win comes at an important time in the season, said junior midfielder Jordy Bathras, as the team picks up more confidence.

“I think it comes at a good time for us. We’re pumped, have a lot of energy from this win, and we’re going to take it into spring break. We have two games away, so we just want to carry our energy and our hustle through,” she said.

Bathras picked up three goals and an assist against the Crusaders. The midfielder was extremely influential in the Colonials’ transitions from defense to offense, carrying the ball to their offensive end and setting up play around the 12-meter arc.

The Colonials started strong in the first when freshman midfielder Olivia Boudreau scored just after a minute and a half of play. About seven minutes later, Boudreau assisted senior midfielder Nicole Lacey. Junior midfielders Terasa Vassallo and Lindsey DiAntonio also scored in the first.

GW dominated play in the first half, head coach Tara Hannaford said. The team controlled the field and let the Crusaders know they were playing their game while on their turf.

“The first half we controlled possession. We had all but two draw controls which is huge. Attack moved the ball really well, got some nice opportunities,” Hannaford said.

The Colonials won the first draw control of the second half, but Holy Cross won the ball on a turnover and charged the net, netting their second goal just over a minute into the half.

A few minutes later, a clear attempt by GW led to senior goalkeeper Jess Hicks’ first save of the half. The Crusaders then took five free position shots in a row, but never scored and Hicks saved three. She then saved another shot and successfully cleared the ball, off which Lacey scored her third goal of the game.

While free position shots can be stressful for a goalie, Hicks said she knows they are the times when she must give back to her team.

“[The defenders] always have my back, so that’s when I try to have their back,” Hicks said. “You take one then the next one. You don’t want to think about all the past ones or anything else that’s happened. It’s more of a thing that you go one at a time.”

After Lacey’s goal, the Colonials began to control the game again, until there was about 12 minutes left of play. Holy Cross scored, bringing the score to 10-4. In the last few minutes of the game, they scored five goals and only allowed GW to score once.

Hannaford said that once the team had the lead, they became more frantic in the second half. She said that the team is young and that their ability to maintain the control they had in the first half will come with time.

“I think it’s just a learning experience. It’s learning how when a team is making a run how nothing changes from what you were doing in the first 45 minutes from when it was working and believing in that, and I think that’s what they’ve got to walk away and learn,” Hannaford said.

The game marked GW’s third consecutive win.

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This post was written by Hatchet staff writer Mary Ellen McIntire.

Women’s lacrosse senior goalkeeper Jess Hicks and freshman midfielder

Rookie of the Week winner Olivia Boudreau attempts to run past a Bucknell player at a game last week. Hatchet File Photo

picked up Atlantic 10 honors Tuesday after leading the Colonials to two victories at home last weekend.

Hicks, who was named Defensive Player of the Week, made a cumulative 15 saves against George Mason and Bucknell. She currently ranks seventh in the A-10 with 5.20 saves per game. Hicks has 26 saves so far this year and has a 9.99 goals against average.

Boudreau grabbed the Rookie of the Week honor after scoring six goals on 10 shots over the weekend, including the first goal of her college career against the Patriots. She added one assist, four ground balls and three draw controls. On the season she ranks fifth on the team with eight points.

For both Hicks and Boudreau, it was the first time either was honored with their respective awards.

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In just the first week of the season, GW freshman midfielder Gabbi Hull was named the A-10 Lacrosse Rookie of the Week.

The Colonials went 1-1 over the first week of play, grabbing a 22-7 victory over fellow District foe Howard, thanks in part to Hull’s strong play.  She had four goals on five shots in her collegiate debut, and also picked up one ground ball.

Hull’s four goals were second-most on the team, just behind sophomore Rachel Mia’s game-high seven goals.

Hull, from Radnor, Penn., was a three-year letter winner in high school, and was named both an Academic All-American and All-Catholic League Second Team member in her senior year.

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Then- junior attacker Nicole Lacey dodges two Temple defenders last season. Hatchet File Photo

The women’s lacrosse team is one of the Intercollegiate Women’s Lacrosse Coaches Association’s NCAA Division I Academic Squads for 2012, the program’s sixth straight time earning the honor.

The Colonials are one of 41 programs to earn the honor, including A-10 rival Temple. To earn the award, a program must have a combined GPA of 3.0 or higher.

The women’s lacrosse team ended its 2012 season with a 10-7 record, the most wins in a season since 2007, and made its first trip to the conference tournament in three years.

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Recently graduated women’s lacrosse player Megan Seidman is a member of the Jewish Sports Review 2012 Women’s Lacrosse All-America First Team.

Seidman is just one of 10 Division I athletes to be named to the bimonthly periodical’s first team, an accolade that comes after her standout season helped push the women’s lacrosse program to new heights and a trip to the semifinals of the A-10 tournament.

Seidman ranks second in program history with 135 career goals, and is third on the all-time points list with 182. During the 2012 season, Seidman became the third-ever Colonial to score 100 career goals. She was named to the 2012 Atlantic 10 All-Conference Second Team at the end of the season, after pacing GW with 44 goals on the season. Seidman also ranked second on the team in assists, with 24, and points, with 68.

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Then- junior attacker Nicole Lacey dodges two Temple defenders last season. Hatchet File Photo

The women’s lacrosse team will be joined by two new assistant coaches next season, adding Kristy Black and Bria Eulitt after one of the program’s most successful seasons to date.

Their hires are part of the improvements designated by the recently completed athletics review, which called for an uptick in budgets and support allotted to the University’s 23 intercollegiate sports teams.

Black spent the past four years as a member of the Maryland lacrosse team, helping the Terrapins to four straight ACC titles, an NCAA Division I national title in 2010 and three consecutive NCAA Final Four appearances. She’s also worked as a counselor at summer lacrosse camps since 2005, and established the DI All-Star Camp for girls aged 5-14in 2008.

At Maryland, Black was a two-year starter and a captain her senior season. She scored 100 goals and added 51 assists and 80 draw controls during her tenure with the team.

“I am honored to join the George Washington family and appreciate the opportunity [head coach] Tara [Hannaford] and the athletics department have provided me,” Black said. “As a player, I was privileged enough to be part of a national championship team, and I know the amount of dedication and hard work that it takes on and off the field to get there. Throughout my lacrosse career, I have been fortunate to have played for not only excellent coaches, but individuals who had outstanding character and my goal is to emulate these characteristics at George Washington.”

Eulitt joins the Colonials after a season as an assistant coach at A-10 rival Richmond, a season where the team earned a 10-8 overall record and a berth in the league’s title game. In the summer of 2010, Eulitt was the head coach of the Wilderness Lacrosse Club in Adelaide, South Australia, as well as playing for the Wilderness Women’s Lacrosse Club.

Eulitt graduated from Richmond, where she was a four-year starter, a two-year captain and earned recognition on the A-10 all-rookie team after her freshman year, the league first team after her junior season and second team after her senior year.

“I am thrilled to be a part of the GW lacrosse family and I am really looking forward to working with this coaching staff and our student-athletes,” Eulitt said. “I am grateful for the opportunity to work with the Colonials’ program and to promote such an outstanding university. My lacrosse career has been influenced by many great coaches, players and experiences, both locally and internationally. These experiences have given me the skills and knowledge that I hope to bring to GW, so the student-athletes can be successful on and off the field.”

The Colonials went 10-7 last season, securing a spot in the A-10 tournament for the first time since 2009 and making a run to the semifinals before falling to top-seeded Massachusetts.

“I am excited to welcome Bria and Kristy to the GW lacrosse family as they have achieved an incredible amount of success during their playing careers,” Hannaford said. “Their experience of winning championships will be invaluable to our program, and their energy and passion for the game of lacrosse will have a tremendous impact on our student-athletes. I am looking forward to building upon the success of our 2012 season with Bria and Kristy.”

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