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Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2008 1:17 a.m.

Hundreds of GW students swarm in front of White House

GW’s proximity to the White House was never more evident than the moment hundreds of students left Kogan Plaza and sprinted down Pennsylvania Avenue to Barack Obama’s future home.

Chanting “Yes we did!” “USA!” and “O-ba-ma!” they swarmed the gates with unrestrained energy at 11:30 p.m. As the nation’s eyes turned to Washington, the GW community was in full force, hugging one other, crowd surfing, singing and screaming together in front of major media outlets.

The crowd was primarily GW students even an hour later, after Georgetown and American arrived. Holding American flags and Obama banners, they turned toward the White House and sang, “Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey. Goodbye.”

Obama supporters rally near the White House early Thursday morning. Viktors Dindzans/assistant photo editor

Obama supporters rally near the White House early Thursday morning. Viktors Dindzans/assistant photo editor

“I just want to tell Bush and Republicans that young people are here, we care, and we just picked the new president,” said Alisha Bhagat, a sophomore.

As dozens of cars drove by honking, more people gathered near the White House from all over the city, and the celebration on Pennsylvania Avenue grew consistently larger. By about 12:30 a.m., the crowd had become more diverse, with people of all ages traveling to downtown D.C.

“It’s the most historic day so far in our lifetime,” said senior Lauren Winsten. “I’m going to remember this forever.”

Update: 2:30 a.m.: Most people, especially college students, have left the area near the White House. Park Police, MPD and Secret Service are keeping people in the middle of the road and away from the main gates.

– Jennifer Tchinnosian and Bryan Han contributed to this report.

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  • Jahlisa

    is there any way we can get the pictures from that night if we’re in it?

  • Don Frazier

    I have to wonder how your headline editors happened to take the story that said “hundreds of GW students swarm the White House”, and turned your liberal paper’s headlines into “thousands swarm the White House”. Amazing how those errors creep into your paper. Your left wing liberal leaning is great when you’re 19-21 years of age and not paying a dime in taxes. Wait til you’re actually having to earn your pay and your democratic president is raising your taxes…you may just feel a bit different. Don’t forget to write to YOUR president to complain then…

  • h street

    trust me, it was thousands. only hundreds initially marched from kogan, which is what the article says, but a steady stream followed for hours. also, the thousands includes non-gw students. please, there’s no error. OBAMA!!

  • Formerly Disgruntled Student

    Please, there are several thousand people there, many of them GW students. This is a night of celebration, please don’t try to pick out a minor error and turn it into a partisan argument.

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