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Friday, Nov. 6, 2009 10:57 a.m.

Fort Hood gunman attended HSPI events as an audience member

U.S. Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan – the military psychiatrist accused of opening fire at the Fort Hood army base in Texas – attended “a number” of events at GW’s Homeland Security Policy Institute, according to HSPI’s director, but only attended the events as an audience member.

The Washington Examiner reported this morning that Hasan “was a participant in George Washington University’s Homeland Security Policy Institute task force that aimed at providing advice on security to the new administration.”

Yet Frank Cilluffo, director of the HSPI, said Hasan was not affiliated with the HSPI.

“There have been a lot of erroneous stories,” Cilluffo said, adding that Hasan has “no affiliation [with HSPI], was not a member of the task force, but participated in some of the meetings as an audience member.”

Cilluffo said Hasan RSVP’d to these HSPI events “in his capacity as a disaster and preventative psychiatry fellow with the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences” – a federal health sciences university which trains its students for “military medicine, disaster medicine and military medical readiness.”

“We try to err on the side of transparency and make available to everyone who is in attendance at our meetings, and that is I’m sure where the linkage came from,” Cilluffo said, referring to the Examiner’s misrepresentation of Hasan’s affiliation with HSPI.

  • carmen

    “We try to err on the side of transparency …”


    You guys were NOT TRANSPARANT ENOUGH!!!
    HOw do you get to be “an audience member of the HSPI?


    We have to supply everything from our birth certificate/passport/social security card/credit history/backgroundchecks/criminalchecks/drugtests….

    You couldn’t even be straight forward with a simple guest list?

    Why didn’t you just come out in the media with this? Why is the leftist Soros (Jew hating) funded Media Matters coming forward?

    Is playing politics worth more than 13 lives?
    These were Obama’s troops. He betrayed them. SHAME ON YOU. He snuck right under your noses while Nepalitano was “protecting” the country from Obama’s political opponents.

    I’m no safer thanks to idiot politicians- see 9/11 that happened ON YOUR WATCH. See the Ft. Hood attacks that happened ON YOUR WATCH. Let’s not forget illegal immigration which is a very big problem in California.

    Your purpose is absolutely worthless and your existance has no purpose. Tax thieving crooks.

    Good day and good riddance if that should ever become of you. Jerks.

  • carmen

    ***THE VICTIMS***

    Francheska Velez-21 years old and pregnant
    Pfc. Aaron Thomas Nemelka-19 years old
    Pfc. Michael Pearson-21 years old
    Spc. Jason Dean Hunt -22 years old
    Michael Grant Cahill -62 years old
    Sgt. Amy Krueger-29 years old
    Kham Xiong-23 years old
    Capt. John Gaffaney-56 years old
    Spc. Frederick Greene-29 years old
    Staff Sgt. Justin M. DeCrow-32 years old
    Juanita Warman-55 years old
    Major L. Eduardo Caraveo-52 years old
    Russell Seager-age not given

    No-keep playing politics. “He was a part of the task force”… the CIA was already aware of him. People knew that he attended the same mosque. Thousands of soldiers DIED with the genuine INTENT of protecting this country after 3000 innocent people died due to negligence in protecting this country from terror attacks. They sacrificed and the HSPI isnt’ brave enough to address this problem? Go “protect” America from Obama’s political opponents (hello, have you ever heard of a “RED HERRING”?)


    p.s. You might want to know what Hasan’s sympathizers (in America) are saying about his service to the DHS. Thanks guys!!

  • Evan

    Why is he listed in the actual Proceedings Report as a participant? I guess there are more meanings to that if you want to spin your own mistakes.

  • psuflorida

    I wonder how the HSPI explains away this report, which identifies Hasan as a participant??? Interesting that they didn’t carry it over when they updated the website look. See page 29 of the document (page 32 of the pdf file).

  • Floyd Watson

    Unfortunately, Nidal Hasan is listed as a PARTICPANT in Appendix C, Task Force Particpants, of the “PROCEEDINGS REPORT OF THE HSPI PRESIDENTIAL TRANSITION TASK FORCE”
    April 2008-January 2009

    If he was an audience member, he shouldn’t have been listed as a “partcipant.” Who made this list?

  • Dan Jones

    The HSPI is worthless if it can’t even recognize a terrorist after the act, and this goes for BHO and CIA and FBI and etc.

  • Nelson

    How can I access Apendix C. Seems like HSPI is blocking access.

  • Danny

    If Mr. Cillufo would like to see a saved copy of the Proceedings Report of the HSPI Presidential Transition Task Force, clearly listing the shooter Nidal Hasan as a Task Force Event Participant (audience members were not listed) I will be happy to send him one.

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