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Thursday, March 10, 2011 10:37 p.m.

Clark, Richardson to move to SA presidential runoff; Costigan, Galonek for EVP runoff

SA Presidential Candidate Chris Clark, center, celebrates moving on to a runoff election with his supporters. Jordan Emont | Contributing Photo Editor

Both races for Student Association president and executive vice president will head to a runoff, after none of the candidates garnered enough votes Thursday night to win the election outright.

Chris Clark and John Richardson will face off in a runoff election election for SA president, and Ted Costigan and Amanda Galonek will move to a runoff for EVP.

Executive Vice Presidential candidate Ted Costigan received more than 30 percent of the vote, and will move on to the runoff. Francis Rivera | Contributing Photo Editor

Runoff elections occur between the top two vote-getters when no candidate reaches 40 percent of the vote.

Clark won 26.2 percent and Richardson received 25 percent. In the EVP race, Costigan won 32.5 percent and Galonek got 26.5 percent.

The Joint Elections Committee announced the results in the Marvin Center Thursday night to a full Continental Ballroom.

“I’m very happy with the outcome,” Clark said.  “We’re going to come back after spring break ready to rock and roll.  This has been the most competitive presidential race for the SA.”

EVP candidate Amanda Galonek celebrates moving on to the runoff. Jordan Emont | Contributing Photo Editor

Richardson was not present for the election results, but said before the election that he is excited ” to build upon” the “great amount of momentum” generated during the general election.

“I’m fired up and ready to come back after break,” Galonek said. “We’ve worked extremely hard and I’ve had great support from the campaign team.”

Costigan expressed the same sentiments.

“The students want a fighter and I’m happy to stand up and be that person,” Costigan said. “I’m ready to come back and fight.”

The runoff elections will be held March 23 and 24.

  • Is this True

    I heard Chris Clark has 6 violations pending, Is this true?

  • Navin

    My predictions for the elctions: No matter who wins, the SA will continue to be a useless and laughable entity that exists for no other reason than to pad the resumes of its members.

  • X

    And same with Ted?

  • Madeleine Morgenstern

    As of the last round of violation hearings Wednesday night, Clark did not have any violations pending against him. Costigan currently has four pending, which will be heard after spring break.

    Having a “violation pending” means the JEC has found probable cause on a complaint made against a candidate. The next step is a violation hearing. If a candidate is found guilty the JEC will give them a penalty. It takes six penalties to be kicked off the ballot.

    As of Wednesday, Clark had received two penalties and Costigan had received one.

    Stay with The Hatchet for the latest JEC and runoff coverage.

  • SA Follower

    All violations are pending until hearings after spring break. You can refer to cases in past years to see how a high number of “violations reported” may not be actual violations.

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