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Thursday, Oct. 20, 2011 8:36 a.m.

Student groups give feedback on Marvin Center fifth floor

Marvin Center, Hippodrome, 5th floor

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The Marvin Center Governing Board hosted three town halls this week to solicit student feedback about the proposed changes to the fifth floor office space.

Representatives from about 60 student groups showed up to discuss the University’s plan to scrap individual student offices on the fourth floor and create an open space for all student groups in place of the Hippodrome.

Fifty-seven out of more than 400 student organizations currently have office space on the fourth floor.

The meetings were held in conjunction with the semesterly tenant meetings required for each student group with an office.

“This place will be ripe for new student org alliances,” Dylan Pyne, chair of the governing board, told the three dozen students at the Wednesday meeting.

Pyne said student groups were largely receptive to the idea of a collaborative area. For many, this meeting marked the first time they had heard about the new community space.

Vidya Iyer, a senior and co-president of Hindu awareness organization Satyam, said she was glad student groups were invited to give their feedback.

Iyer said she supports the new model because “it seems to be beneficial for everyone.”

Sophomore Jasmine Stovall, director of community service for the Black Student Union, said she liked the idea of having centralized services like printing and copying for all groups.

She also said the collaborative environment will allow groups to “see each other on a more regular basis” and will improve communication between student organizations.

  • Frustrated employee

    Ir’s a shame that of all the student organizations that were notified about these meetings, about what to do with hippodrome space, the hippodrpme employees were not invited.

  • Disappointed English Teacher

    Please use complete sentences next time. Thank you.


    Its a shame that GW wants to get rid of recreation in the marvin center. Most schools give their students something. GW does not have a “student union” type place. Make it something every single student at GW can enjoy, and enjoy at little to no cost.

  • former hippo

    What is their plan for creating storage space within this new “open environment”? Student group offices are not just used for working but for storing postering materials, etc. Something that needs to be addressed. As of right now, it seems that they had no plan for the space at all and just wanted to get rid of the Hippodrome to avoid paying for the lane refurbishments the facility so desperately needed, a fair desire. However, if the space that replaces the hippodrome does not serve a specific purpose (with space FAIRLY allocated to student groups) then it will be a tragedy and more proof GW cares more about money than student needs.

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