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Monday, Feb. 6, 2012 12:20 p.m.

Meatless Monday comes to J Street

j street cafe renovation, construction

Marvin Center's J street dining hall will serve meatless meal options every Monday | Hatchet File Photo

This blog post was written by Hatchet Staff Writer Monica Mehta.

J Street and Pelham Commons will participate in Sodexo’s Meatless Mondays starting today, an initiative designed to promote both health and sustainability on campus.

Each of the dining venues will have a meat-free meal option.

After purchasing five meatless meals throughout the month, students will be entered in a raffle for prizes including a Brita filter pitcher, a Capital Bikeshare membership and a meatless lunch prepared by University chef Rob
Donis at the F Street House with University President Steven Knapp and Diane Knapp.

Meatless Mondays fall within the University’s goal of being more sustainable. Meat requires more energy and more water to produce and to truck than do vegetables, Sophie Waskow, GW’s sustainability project facilitator, said.

Whole Foods Market Foggy Bottom will be hosting a meat-free week that will begin with a vegan cooking demo today and continue with cooking demos and meat-free samples throughout the week.

  • Hugo

    When will they realize that the majority of students on campus actually don’t want to eat this healthy, sustainable crap and would rather have Wendy’s burger and fries?

  • GW Junior

    Meat is not “unhealthy.” I have no idea where that blasphemous idea came from.

    I’d add that the studies that suggest that people who eat more meat are less healthy imply correlation, not causation. Meat, when eaten in reasonable moderation (as with all food) is tremendously beneficial to one’s health for a whole host of reasons.

    I will not be participating in meatless Mondays.

  • More Meat For Me

    That just means more meat for me. I think I’ll go have a nice rare steak on “meatless Mondays.” Though, at J Street, it’s hard to tell if the “meat” is real meat anyway!

  • Orly Taitz

    Can we please stop using “sustainability?” The word is absolutely meaningless today. And Whole Foods? Give me a break. Stand outside and watch the customers burning through those plastic bags like there’s no tomorrow. Gah, and please, don’t think that you’re impressing me with your pretentious WFM bag holding a single boiled egg.

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