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Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2012 11:03 a.m.

Senators pass bill calling for funds for fourth floor redesign

Sen. Scott Backer, CCAS-U, votes in favor of the bill he sponsored, urging the University to renovate the Marvin Center's fourth floor. Francis Rivera | Assistant Photo Editor

Sen. Scott Backer, CCAS-U, left, votes in favor of a bill urging the University to renovate the Marvin Center's fourth floor. Backer sponsored the resolution. Francis Rivera | Assistant Photo Editor

This post was written by Hatchet reporter Kaya Yurieff

The Student Association Senate unanimously passed a bill Monday calling for University funds to redesign the Marvin Center fourth floor.

The SA and the Marvin Center Governing Board have strongly criticized the University’s decision not to relocate the fourth floor’s 57 student organization offices to the fifth floor, which will be massively redesigned this summer, and GW’s resistance in providing money or space for a student hub.

“We’re making sure this is a focus of the University because we have lost such an amount of space and how important this is for the future of the school,” Sen. Scott Backer, CCAS-U, said.

The non-binding resolution carries no weight administratively, but serves as a lobbying tool for student leaders. The bill does not include specifics about what type of renovations are needed to change the space, nor does it include how much the student leaders would like as allocations.

The University has no plans to renovate the fourth floor in the near future, and plans to move offices like Career Services and the Center for Student Engagement to the space previously occupied by the Hippodrome and Wow Wingery.

SA President John Richardson who has brought up the issue with top administrators and the Board of Trustees said he hopes the University will funnel the savings from the fifth floor project – including moving departments off leased space such as the International Services Office – to the fourth floor.

“Money needs to be reinvested towards students. We want it to be directed toward student space,” Richardson said. He hopes to see more collaborative group space on the fourth floor.

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    GW legitimately hates students. They see us an an inconvenience. It’s unreal.

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  • citrusflavored

    I love how when the Hatchet was wrong, they still had to validate why they THOUGHT they were right instead of just saying they were wrong…

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    She is and has always been a star. Look at the name of her first album “Solo Star”…

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    Terrible article… Even after the correction your info is still wrong. She released her EP “TRUE” in late November!!!

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