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Monday, March 5, 2012 9:52 p.m.

Gelman evacuated after possible suspect with gun reported on campus

Updated at 11:44 p.m.

University Police Department officers are allowing students back into Gelman Library following a report earlier this evening that a suspect that was seen with a handgun was later seen in the library.

“We had a report of a possible suspect meeting the description inside the library and police are checking out the report,” University spokeswoman Candace Smith said.

“A student called in a possible suspect at the Gelman Library who was changing clothes.  Law enforcement units from U.S. Park Police, [the Metropolitan Police Department] and [the U.S. Secret Service] searched the library and no suspects were located. The library is reopening now,” a 11:30 p.m. alert said.

Officers pushed students out of range of the building, so H Street between 21 and 22 streets were clear. One University police officer told students to “get inside, and get inside now,” directing them into the Marvin Center.

Secret Service was on scene, according to media outlets.

The Secret Service reported that a man with a handgun was running away from the White House and potentially toward campus, according to a GW Alert sent at 9:32 p.m. Multiple enforcement agencies have searched the campus area and did not find the suspect, according to a new alert sent at 10:20 p.m.

Smith said earlier that the Secret Service, UPD and MPD are investigating the threat.

The man is described as a “white male with a handgun, balding, possibly wearing eye glasses [and] wearing a gray fleece sweater,” according to the alert.

The suspect came from the area of the White House and was heading west toward campus, UPD Chief Kevin Hay said.

The Secret Service and the Metropolitan Police Department did not have immediate updates.

  • Fire UPD Chief

    Why the HELL do we not know where on campus he’s heading. Fire the buffoon in charge of UPD

  • Ummmmm….

    Who says he’s even come onto campus at all? Reading comprehension, it’s an important college skill.

  • Phil

    1) This happens with city living. If you can’t deal with that, don’t live in a city.
    2) Considering how close GW is to the White House, don’t you think something would have happened by now?

  • Diesel

    This is scaremongering at its worst.


    Thing is UPD can’t do ONE single thing about a man with a gun since they can’t carry anytype of firearm. Good thing the “real” police are right near by because UPD would be absolutely useless in a situation like this.

  • Well, yea

    Well, yes – that’s precisely what the external review said: GW is a campus covered by numerous law enforcement agencies that are armed, so the risks and expenses that come with arming UPD officers is probably not worth it. This silly demonstrates that point with at least two agencies providing support in that capacity

  • Kanye

    GW, Imma let you finish, but Virginia Tech had the best school shooting of all time.

  • ?

    I don’t know about UPD not being allowed to carry firearms. I saw three UPD officers (yes, they were UPD) with assault rifles sweep through the 6th floor of the library. Those firearms looked real to me.

  • ???

    No, you didn’t. You probably did see police officers with assault rifles, but there is no possible way that they were UPD. The department does not have the legal authority to carry firearms of any sort.

  • TheRealDiesel

    Whoever “Diesel” is is an imposter….. He should be ashamed.

  • Barack

    @Kanye…You’re a jackass

  • Mitt

    @Barack I agree with you bro.
    Wait no I don’t anymore.

  • Keiser Soze

    Here’s my question:

    If the Secret Service witnessed this man with a gun heading our way, how in the hell did they lose him?

    They didn’t chase after him? Intercept him? Hell, if he was armed, I’m surprised they didn’t shoot him!

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