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Monday, May 14, 2012 11:03 p.m.

SA president runner-up to take on cabinet role

Former Student Association senator John Bennett was picked to be the finance representative in SA President Ashwin Narla's cabinet, pending fall approval by the Senate. Hatchet File Photo

This post was written by Hatchet reporter Kaya Yurieff

John Bennett, who came in second in this year’s Student Association presidential election, was tapped by his former contender for a cabinet spot Sunday, after being passed over in the first round of appointments.

Bennett, the former chair of the SA Finance Committee, will take on the role of vice president for financial affairs after the SA Senate voted down Narla’s first nominee and roommate, junior Alex Akel, on April 23.

“[Bennett] was more qualified than every candidate. He has the credentials and the experience,” Narla said about his pick.

Bennett said he sees Narla as “the captain of a team on which I have an important role to play.”

“I think I have the kind of expertise and skill set that can help him manage his team and accomplish his objectives in the best way possible,” he said.

Bennett will get official approval to take on the post at the SA Senate’s first meeting this fall.

  • Class of 2012

    You forgot “Get out while you still can”…

  • 12345

    in the “scandal” section, you forgot DC’s Scandal, the #1 women’s ultimate team in the NATION!

  • No thanks

    This is an absolute joke, kiind of like the university is. As a WOULD BE class of 2013 graduate, I’m so glad I got out of there while I could. Not a rich kid school? Who are you trying to kid? Yeah they’ve gotten better at financial aid but for a school with that high tuition that really needs a gold star? Good for you you’re doing something BASIC that makes it AFFORDABLE for low-income students. Guess this is what happens though when the school of business run by a guy who clearly doesn’t understand how debt works…

  • Alum

    You are a sick person Cory Weinberg for choosing a picture of hundreds of GW students celebrating someone’s death.

    • Marc

      You….are joking right? I mean, you’re joking because no one would actually say something like that seriously…right?

      • Alum

        No, there are many people who think it is wrong to celebrate someone’s death in a festive way, no matter who the person is. At the very least, a newspaper should realize that it is not something they should engage in.

        • Marc

          Hahahahaha! I’ll celebrate the death of Osama Bin Laden quite easily. Heck I might have even cried tears of joy. I think that’s cool though, perhaps you don’t see things the way I do. Maybe we’re from two different places. Maybe you’re a Mennonite, or you don’t believe that some people are better off dead. Maybe in your world you have no concept of the violence and harm these people are capable of doing. But hey man, that’s cool. Because you choose to either A ignore it or B have never been exposed to it. Again, we’re just from two different places. Osama Bin Laden? Let him rot, I’ll be celebrating for long time to come. I’m actually going to have a cookout this year.

          • Alum

            I was furious when W decided not to kill Osama. But, just because the right thing was finally done, doesn’t mean you have to throw a party. That is how they would behave, and the last thing you want to do is act like them. That is how terrorists win.

  • Senior

    GW’s Greek Life was destroyed by the bigot Tara Pereira. Don’t expect any sort of real presence of fraternities and sororities.

    • Student

      Because she dealt with the ridiculous amount of sexual assaults? The only bigot is you.

      • Senior

        To assume everyone charged is guilty and not allow them a defense, is bigoted. A Judge said Tara Pereira had implemented “systematic discrimination” at SJS. GW’s no tolerance policy was harshly applied to men, while women were free from having to deal with that aspect of the University, and GW lost a multi-million dollar lawsuit on this basis. Men at GW are expelled for alcohol and marijuana possession, but women never have to deal with these draconian policies. Judges don’t lightly declare discrimination. Next time, do your research.

  • Freshman

    The dorms are horrible and expensive. Be prepared to be furious. Plus, there is a serious lack of school spirit. Students are genuinely not happy to be going to this college. The administrators are greedy and really hated.

  • Class of 2017

    Good article

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