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Wednesday, June 27, 2012 1:28 p.m.

Teen stabbed on bus near F and 21st streets


Police survey the scene where a man was stabbed following an altercation on a MetroBus Wednesday afternoon. Gabriel Muller | Hatchet Staff Photographer

Updated June 27, 2012, 2:45 p.m.

A teen was stabbed on a MetroBus near F and 21st streets at about noon Wednesday.

Another passenger stabbed the victim, about 17 or 18 years old, in the upper torso after the two got into a fight on the bus, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority spokesman Dan Stessel said.

The victim is in critical condition after being transported to a local hospital, Stessel said. The injury is “not considered serious,” according to a GW Alert, which said the suspect’s weapon was allegedly a razor.

The suspect, described as a black male in his 40s, fled the scene but was last seen headed west on F Street, according to the alert.

The bus was headed to Fort Totten.

  • Hmm

    “GW Safety and Security Alert

    Incident: Aggravated Assault – a suspect got into an argument with another person on a Metro bus, a fight broke out and the suspect allegedly used a razor to cut the other person on the stomach. The injury is not considered serious.”

    Examine the contrast between the Hatchet and the GW Alerts…

  • GDubBro

    Really? At 21st and F? Hmm… always thought all the random black crack addicts hanging out there were really friendly. Oh wait, no I didn’t.

  • Hah

    Get out of your small world you a racist idiot. Many of those African-Americans go to church and use the medical facilities around GW’s campus. They’re not “random” and they’re not “crack addicts”. I’m sorry you’re ignorant and never grew up in a racially or economically diverse community.

  • ???

    To be fair, isn’t there a methadone clinic right next to the Dakota, or is that just a rumor?

    But yeah, not the best thing to happen to the university right now, especially when people are getting stabbed in broad daylight across the street from where tour groups pass.

  • Patrick Kennedy

    GDubBro, I ride the 80 to work from that bus stop nearly every day and the people who use the clinic have never bothered me in the slightest. Then again, I don’t suppose you ever bothered to actually talk to them before making such a racially-tinged judgment?

  • gw sucks


  • Re GDubBro

    Yeah, those people you see there are contributing to society, paying their fair share of taxes, etc.!

    And how dare you refer to them by their skin color! Skin color only matters in the context of GW admissions, where entrance standards are lowered for certain groups based on affirmative action policies.

  • @Re GDubBro

    I’m wondering how GWU could admit a buffoon like you. You’re obviously not very intelligent. I imagine you and your racist family sit around the dinner table, trying to convince yourselves how much African-Americans have wronged you. You can’t imagine a functioning city (our nation’s capital) that is 51% African-American. You probably wish that GWU’s entire student body was Caucasian. How much income taxes do you pay by the way or does your rich daddy file your tax returns for you?

  • ReGDubBro

    How are you any better? GW is the way it is because of the reverse racism and self-righteousness that prevails at this school. “Rich daddy” and “Caucasian”… How do those assumptions/attacks make you any less of a bigot?

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