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Saturday, Aug. 11, 2012 7:43 p.m.

Mehran Cafe closed after fire, pending GW inspection

Investigators gather outside Mehran Cafe on Pennsylvania Avenue after extinguishing a kitchen fire Saturday. Becky Crowder | Senior Staff Photographer

The Indian restaurant along Pennsylvania Avenue will remain closed until further notice after a kitchen fire brought in fire crews Saturday night.

Zahib Abbasi, owner of Mehran Cafe, said the restaurant faces minor water damage after several trucks hosed down the flames. No injuries were reported.

Before the cafe can reopen in its University-owned townhouse, GW officials will need to assess the damage, D.C. Fire and EMS Captain Eric McGuire said. The University then decides how to move forward with any needed repairs, McGuire said.

Mehran Cafe, located at 2138 Pennsylvania Avenue, is one of several University tenants that will move out in the next few years to make way for a sleek new GW office building.

  • Anna

    I don’t want to come back to Gw if there is no Mehran’s. Also it’s a Pakistani restaurant. Anyone who had ever been in the fine eating establishment would know that. Mehran’s!! Come back!!!

  • John

    No! Also, I agree with Anna its PAKISTANI not Indian. Come on Hatchet, I expected better.

  • Alum

    This is really unfortunate but at least no one was hurt. Mehran was easily my favorite place to eat for all four of my years at GW. It had delicious food, very friendly staff, and late hours for convenient study breaks not far from the library. The lunch buffet was pretty fantastic too. Although I’ve graduated I will still be in the city and I will greatly miss this wonderful restaurant once GW has callously demolished it to make way for its all-important profit margin.

  • GWpIKE


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