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  • george

    It looks hideous, what a joke

  • big george

    I like it a lot.

  • georgegeorge

    Looks good.

  • the real george

    I hate it

  • colonialsfan1992

    huge improvement over the last one

  • hmmm

    george looks unapproachable and snobby otherwise it’s not too bad

  • GeorgeyGeorgey

    I think it’s actually pretty good. It definitely feels more modern than the existing logo, which was outdated.

  • random

    It’s awful..and an awful waste of money. Thanks for posting this early, though, and ruining some of the efforts to increase hype with an obnoxious unveiling!

  • D. Tom Gadsden

    Why not make it a contest for students to make the new logo next time with a 1k prize. Saves endless money, gets a better logo, and might actually get some sort of school spirit going

  • Frank

    I think everyone is missing the most important part . . . this thing took TWO YEARS to come up with?! Is that where the money is going? Don’t we have students and professors that can make something like this in an afternoon using Adobe?

  • C

    It’s really striking that as the University doesn’t release the cost of the rebranding project, we have an article in the Hatchet about a student denied emergency funds for tuition and then is forced to transfer. GW has its priorities fully set on making money, not supporting students.

  • mike jones

    thanks for posting this early, hatchet, and blowing up gw’s spot. it was stupid of them to try to hide it for the past 6 months. in terms of a critique: the simplification of the colors is good, although sepia was not a good choice; a buff and blue two-toned shade would have been better. george also looks too snobish; it’s as if his nose is upturned and he’s too good to look at the camera. but, pretending to be better than everyone else is what gw is all about…

  • Robbie

    hahahahhaha 2 years?!

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