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Thursday, Aug. 30, 2012 3:22 p.m.

GW looks into policies following Penn State scandal

President Stephen Knapp

University President Steven Knapp formed a task force in July to review the missteps in Penn State’s sex abuse scandal that surfaced last fall. Hatchet File Photo

Updated Aug. 30, 2012 at 4:21 p.m.

The University is reviewing its policies and practices this fall in the wake of the July Freeh report that outlined Pennsylvania State University’s failure to prevent a sex abuse scandal.

GW’s Task Force to Assess Report on Penn State has spent two months reviewing the Freeh report – which detailed a series of Penn State failures in leadership  – and comparing it to GW procedures, but only announced the review Thursday in a release.

“The task force is looking at a variety of compliance and operational issues to ensure that the university not only has sound policies in place but that they are documented and enforced,” according to the release. The group will release their own findings sometime this fall.

University President Steven Knapp launched the Task Force July 12, “immediately” after the report was released, according to the release.

Senior Vice President and General Counsel Beth Nolan, who is heading the evaluation, said in the release that the report offered a chance to look at ground-level safety procedures and broader university policies.

“This report presents an opportunity to measure our practices against a high standard and to step back and reassess why we do things the way we do,” she said.

The damning Freeh report laid out 120 recommendations for Penn State in eight areas, including campus culture,  university administration, the Board of Trustees and campus police – areas where it said the school was lacking.

Oklahoma State and Temple universities have also launched similar task forces.

Last November, when allegations surfaced publicly about Sandusky, Knapp sent a message to students and employees reiterating the University’s safety offices and asking members of the GW community to be transparent about campus concerns.

“We all need to ask the tough questions and take on the responsibility, when necessary, of reporting incidents that are inconsistent with our shared values,” Knapp wrote in the letter.

  • Jon Franklin

    GW is doing this solely for liability reasons. Knapp and Nolan aren’t concerned about the students. If they were, they would be investigating themselves for the illegal arrest of a student by Knapp. The student did nothing wrong, but was just a victim of an assault by a GW employee. For trying to alert Knapp of the danger to student safety he was falsely arrested and falsely imprisoned. Then HE was banned from campus under threat of assault. Knapp belongs in prison, and he knows it.

  • Corruption is GWU hallmark

    @John Franklin I would like to hear from you

    Knapp is a puppet.. He is not capable of a in-depth conversation… He is not calling the shoots.. Long time goons are…

    Knapp does what he is told.. for $$$ . It is win win for Knapp… act a stooge for a few yrs and retires well.

    I was researching this story on how GWU handled their way of dealing with penn state as it was so bizarre and see your comment

    They sent out letter to students if you have sexual issues at GWU of assault by staff contact the treasurer of GWU Lou Katz.

    Not a sexual therapist, not a counseling dept but the school treasurer and school attorney.

    Yes for sure each student is only a $ bill to GWU. Students are not people at all.

    I have a Letter from the dunce of GWU Police Chief Kevin Hays saying I will be arrested if seen on GWU campus as I was calling them out on so many illegalities they have done to my son who was FORCED to go to GWU and they not letting me help him… Where is the $$ coming from ?

    For 18 yrs it was my son and I.. No one else . he turns 18 is forced to GWU and then they force me out of my son’s life…

    My son’s emails and texts are all only asking me for help . None telling me he does not want to see me..

    I have not seen my son since 2010. Any attempts the perverts at GWU attack me… GWU is a disgusting Sick creepy place for sure NOT a college.

    Just a shill to buy up all the land in heart of DC… Tear down history and build penitentiaries for who ? Not a college as they do not behave like a college.

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