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Friday, Oct. 5, 2012 8:21 p.m.

Kappa Sigma brothers shave their heads for cancer

This post was written by Hatchet reporter Lauren Grady.

About a dozen brothers of Kappa Sigma sported grimaces and smiles as they shaved their heads Monday, raising more than $11,000 for the American Cancer Society.

Marking the 10-year anniversary of his mother’s death from a rare form of nasal cancer, sophomore Justin Hyde asked his brothers to help him raise $10,000 for the American Cancer Society and shave their heads as part of the chapter’s ‘Shave Away Cancer’ event in University Yard.

After hearing of Hyde’s plans, he said his brothers immediately signed on and ended up raising more than $11,000 from family, friends and companies including $1,000 from Prudential Financial, Inc. Philips Shavers donated the razors that the brothers used.

“It’s just amazing. It feels so great that this many people are behind me,” Hyde said.

Nicholas DeVito, a junior, shaved his head Friday as part of Kappa Sigma’s ‘Shave Away Cancer.’ Gabriella Demczuk | Senior Staff Photographer

He was the first to shave his head, as his father, Robert Hyde took pictures and joked with other brothers of Kappa Sigma.

The sophomore established the Aida Hyde Foundation in honor of his mother on the first anniversary of her death.

The foundation raised $130,000 at a gala that year and donated the funds to the Monmouth Medical Center’s hospice and children’s charities that year – a request his mother made before she died. Friday’s event was the second largest event following the gala.

“His mom would be so proud. All his brothers are behind him. It’s a beautiful thing,” Robert Hyde said.

  • Tim Miller

    Well done Justin and the entire Kappa Sigma chapter. I am proud to see our Greeks stepping up and doing more than just raising money. This event raises awareness without a need to simply seek out glory for Kappa Sigma. Way to go!


    ^^^ As shown by the fact that they shaved Kappa Sigmas into their heads

  • GWpIKE

    Even I’m impressed. PIKE4VIDA

  • GDI

    Oh look! A philanthropy event that doesn’t involve getting wasted and destroying U Yard! What a novel idea.

  • Bart Kogan

    Congrats to my Bros for this incredible event.
    I know that someone had said in 2009-10 that Kappa Sigma would not be around at GW in 2012.
    Seems like the campus and now the greater community is better off that they are around,that source was wrong, and so many students recognize this by joining and participating in their efforts. Even GDI’s and other fraterties and sororities ae alking about Kappa Sig at GW these days. Color me proud Bros. AEKDBart

  • Bart Kogan

    Please forgive the 2 typos above. “Fraternities” not fraterties and “talking” not alking.

  • Sam

    As a member of a greek organization at GWU, I applaud Kappa Sigma’s efforts in this philanthropy event. I hope people are now seeing how the Greek community is beneficial for the university. Events like these show how this is true, and I’m glad the Hatchet has reported on this event.

  • GDubBro

    My hair is what gets me laid.

  • Kris Hart

    Good man Justin!

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