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Saturday, Dec. 21, 2013 6:17 p.m.

New CapMac owner says truck could return to GW by February

CapMac could return to campus by February. Hatchet File Photo

CapMac could return to campus by February. Hatchet File Photo

The new CapMac owner has more good news for mac and cheese fans – not only will the truck return within a few weeks, but GW will also be one of its first stops.

Twenty-one-year-old Josh Warner said the popular food truck will hit the streets by February, and may choose GW as its first location to usher in the new ownership.

“You guys are my biggest fans,” Warner said. “I’m young myself. I’m turning 22 in February. So I feel a connection with the students. I’m hoping to possibly make my first stop at GW. I’d love to do my grand reopening there.”

Warner announced on Thursday that he had purchased the truck after it closed in November.

Warner is a friend of CapMac’s former owner Brian Arnoff and worked on the truck several years ago while he was in culinary school. While Arnoff is “pursuing other endeavors,” Warner said Arnoff’s co-owner Vicky Harris will help with PR and consulting.

And as Warner prepares to reopen the truck, he said he won’t change a thing.

“I’m really embracing CapMac. It’s like a dream come true for me to operate and deliver on what Vicki and Brian have accomplished,” Warner said.

Warner is working to secure a vendor license for the truck and said he will need to get the vehicle inspected before he can reopen. He will also have to enter D.C.’s recently implemented food truck lottery system that regulates where trucks can park.

“February might be somewhat of a soft opening for me, as I test out different spots. I’ll definitely be in the lottery for March,” Warner said, adding that he is considering parking on 21st and G Streets if the popular H Street area gets filled in the lottery.

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